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I help busy professionals maximize their emotional intelligence so that they can excel in all areas of their lives with peace of mind.

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I help you shed your limiting beliefs and adopt a mindset of empowerment so you can live above your potential.

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The most successful people in this world created their reality twice. First in their minds and then in life. 



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Success with Serenity

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EQ Survival Guide for Teleworking Parents – Part Two

In part one of my EQ Survival Guide for Teleworking Parents, I shared the first five guidelines of how parents can maximize their emotional intelligence during new ways of working at home!  Don’t worry if you are not a parent or if your kids are self-sufficient, and...

Parental EQ survival guide for teleworking

How to survive and thrive during times of crisis when working from home. Your parental EQ guide for remote working during the COVID 2019 crisis.

Why you should rewrite your children’s future during times of crisis

How to connect with your kids during times of crisis beyond your own emotional turmoil. Embrace the unique opportunity to love, connect and reset.

Teleworking & Emails: why EQ will save you from disaster

Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, are teleworking around the globe. Selfies of home offices in all shapes and forms are flooding the internet. Smiles, pajamas, coffees, and more we care to see perhaps are helping people get in touch with their sense of...

How to transform your limiting beliefs through the ABCDE diffusion table

In my last blog, I wrote about how to put your inner critic in the backseat so that you can take control of your life. Today’s blog focuses on the ABCDE technique, which helps you diffuse your limiting beliefs and transform them into empowering ones. Empowering...

Women’s Day 2020: Beyond the Marketing Mask

Four core principles to remember as you are building inclusive, equal and prosperous environments Today marks International Women's Day 2020. A day where many organizations have published strategies and roadmaps filled with promises for better equality. A day where...

How to turn sensitivity into empowerment

Sensitive people are portrayed as victims, and this is so far from the truth. Sensitive people have so many superpowers like high levels of creativity, innovation, people skills like no one else, and the ability to articulate feelings into specific and tangible...

How to live with your inner critic in the backseat

Do you struggle with your voice in your head? I mean, is your voice in your head telling you beautiful stories of empowerment and uplifting? Or is it just the other way around? Most people would answer that their voice is set to "default negative thinking."  We all...

Valentine’s Day: The Aftermath

Five questions to ask yourself if you still feel overwhelmed with negative emotions Valentine’s day, a global symbolic day for celebrating love. Some of you were perhaps excited to spend a romantic evening with your partner. Others may think that Valentine’s day is...

My dream for 2020. What’s yours?

I have a dream; a dream to reach for the stars and bring them closer to humanity. I have a dream that once I live my purpose, I am free to live my highest and truest expression. I have a dream that once I chose to do what's difficult, life will become easy. I have a...
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