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I help diverse professionals across the globe to leverage their emotional intelligence and navigate life in all areas. When we are fulfilled at a personal level, we will thrive at a professional level. And vice versa. Well-being is the sum of all parts in life. Schedule your free Discovery Call and find out how I can help you!

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Beyond my NLP Master Practitioner and Social Emotional Intelligence Certifications, I am a seasoned professional in surpassing adversity, building resilience and achieving my dreams. I want to help you do the same! Read more …

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I believe every single human being has untapped potential regardless their gender, age, background and culture. My passion and purpose is to help find, navigate and maximise your human potential in the digital age. Check out what others say about me…



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Navigating & Maximizing your EQ Potential

Cyber Crisis Simulations

Responding to cybersecurity crises requires not only technical knowledge of cyber but also human emotional intelligence.

Mastery of impulse control and strong negotiation, communication, and leadership skills are necessary to successfully navigate a cybersecurity crisis.

I believe in custom-designed crisis simulation exercises to reflect the unique environment, context and organisational culture of my clients.

Check out a sample proposal of what a one day workshop would look like. Download your copy here!

Nadja Opening up Conference in Bratislava

EQ Coaching & Consulting opening inaugural Cyber Crisis Simulation Exercise at GLOBSEC 2019

We are in NATO news!

The importance of Emotional Intelligence during Cyber Crisis Scenario is recognized by many, including the world’s largest crisis management organization in the world!

I organized and participated as CEO of Nadja EL Fertasi, EQ Coaching & Consulting and as Co-Chair for the first-ever cyber crisis simulation held at the GLOBSEC 2019 Bratislava Forum.

Check out what NATO had to say!

Guest Speaker at Raw Politics EURONEWS

Guest Speaker at Raw Politics EURONEWS

Guest Appearance on TV

I was invited as a guest speaker at the EURONEWS show Raw Politics, which is the news hub of European Affairs, reporting from the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

I provided my views on the US-Iran Tensions and on the recently signed next-generation fighter jet deal at the Paris Airshow in June 2019.

Check out my appearance on EURONEWS!

Panel Member during seminar hosted by the European Parliament

Panel Member during seminar hosted by the European Parliament, Brussels Belgium

Guest Speaker at the European Parliament

On 14 May 2019, I was part of a panel during a seminar that focused on “Doing Security Differently”. I spoke about my nearly two-decade experience in the world’s largest political-military organisation.

I stressed the importance of building human resilience and changing organisational cultures to fit the complex reality of the 21st Century. Fostering human security in Western Security Institutions by leveraging emotional intelligence is the only way forward in the digital era!

Keynote Speaker at INCLeaders Forum 2019

Keynote Speaker at INCLeaders Forum 2019

EQ Coaching & Consulting goes to Paris!

Next week I will participate in the German Marshall Fund of the United States Achieving Political Inclusive Leadership Seminar. I am excited to be designing and facilitating a crisis simulation scenario based on emotional intelligence to foster political inclusion across sectors and generations.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about what GMF’s is doing to achieve Political Inclusion, check out their latest publication: https://lnkd.in/ghWKZfE!

My piece on how to unlock your personal power through emotional intelligence is also part of this fascinating read!

Golden Hand Cuffs

Breaking free from the Golden Handcuffs

My latest blog

Three months now since I have left a dream job at NATO to become an Entrepreneur! Many of you have wondered what is it exactly that I am doing? Is she a coach? Is she a consultant? Is she Mother Theresa? Or perhaps is she crazy?

Don’t worry I know exactly what I am doing and I just wrote a blog to share with you my top five lessons learned! Life is hard. Shit happens. How we respond and move forward by learning the lessons makes all the difference!

Check out my blog and stay tuned for more inspiring blogs and videos from Nadja El Fertasi, EQ Coaching & Consulting!

Work With Me

Gentlewomen's Club, Brussels,Belgium

Gentlewomen’s Club, Brussels,Belgium

Emotional Intelligence in action!

When a group of women come together without a mask and open minded to learn about Emotional Intelligence , pure bliss!

I gave a presentation and explained how to balance your energy across your life wheel. I dove deep in how to develop your self confidence, personal growth, social awareness and optimism.

These are the most important areas for cultivating well-being and happiness!

The demonstrations were the most exciting part!

I worked with two women whom were strangers to me at first and yet through my personalised way of working, they managed to feel empowered and go after their goals in life!

One woman is now very clear on what it takes to publish her book which was on a back burner for a long time.

They asked me to give one takeaway at the end:

👍It s ok to invest in yourself without feeling guilty.

👍Being selfish sometimes is necessary to feel fulfilled in life.

👍When you are fulfilled, you will feel more empowered, your performance and productivity increase and you feel happier!

🙏🏽Thank you Gentlewomen’s Club for inviting me to inspire and empower your wonderful community !

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