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Thrive with Nadja!

Explore your Worthiness!


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Explore your Worthiness

I help you explore your worthiness and rise into your infinite potential!

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By helping you feel safe and secure within yourself so you can transform with peace of mind. 

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The most successful people in this world created their reality twice. First in their minds and then in life. 



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Explore your Worthiness

Explore your worthiness and rise into your infinite potential

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Personal Empowerment

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I had a wonderful coaching session with Nadja yesterday. Next to using a specific coaching technique, she went further to assist me with emotional blockages in a kind and professional manner. She was very involved and could react promptly to ‘my story’, highlighting different elements and situations I need to bring more attention to. Even though it was an online session, she manages to connect to you deeply . Nadja was also very careful not to push too much, when the emotions are high. She managed to guide the whole session with care, love and kindness. I would definitely recommend Nadja should you have emotional blockages or if you need to someone to let you see that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel

Andreja Zulim de Swarte, 31 March 2020

I attended Nadja’s workshop on work-life balance and two hours later walked out feeling inspired, confident and ready to conquer the world. Her enthusiasm, expertise and kindness are just some of the qualities she brings to her method and manages to create such a safe and fun environment for participants. The exercise we did helped me put into perspective a lot of things in my life. I can’t thank her enough, and can’t recommend her enough!

Marianna Tzaerli, Brussels Belgium, March 2020

The workshop “Unmask your potential” was WONDERFUL! You have a gift for enabling people to dive into their internal barriers, throw them open, and permit powerful self-worth to rise to where it serves them well, with caring, meditative & soothing freshness. Thank you.

Sandra Djuvara Melone, Chairwoman, Board of Directors, Search for Common Ground Belgium 

The way I met Nadja already tells a lot about her qualities. I had checked her LinkedIn profile, not daring to send a request. She did though, she had the right intuition. I needed a mentor, somebody to give me confidence and to show me the doors I could open. I have had this luxury for a year now, to know I could always reach out for questions or even just to share my experiences and get thoughtful insights about society, the workplace and myself. Nadja, thank you so much!

Béatrice Cadet, Threat analyst at Bitdefender, December 2018

It has been a real privilege to be coached by Nadja. The coaching sessions over the past few months have helped me break down barriers, transform limiting beliefs and strengthen my courage and self-esteem. I feel more and more free every day, and I truly believe that the sky has no limit. Nadja is one of the most professional and kind coaches I have worked with. I highly recommend Nadja if tapping into your full potential is what you are looking for.

Taryn Andersen, Co-Founder at Impulse4Women & Investor Relations/Director THCAP Venture Capital, June 2018

Nadja El Fertasi has been my coach since February and has helped me tremendously navigate through a series of challenges/changes in my life. She has this incredible ability to inspire confidence and trust, listen and empower you. Speaking to her is easy and soothing at the same time.

 What Nadja did was to help me understand what my core strengths were and what type of person I was, for me to release my full potential and be happy. Her methods were carefully designed and professional. She sent me a full report after each of our sessions which contained a wealth of information and tips.

Throughout my 6-month journey with Nadja, I have learnt a huge amount! Nadja has an inner gift to sense and understand people’s emotions and strengths. I cannot recommend her enough.

Jessica Pennetier, Co-Founder & Head of Communications at Women In International Security (WIIS) France, June 2018

A brilliant and passionate coach. She will help you to discover what you already have inside yourself. A true empath and an amazing human being! She is definitely born to do this!

Maria Agnese Arban, Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission, June 2019

Si vous êtes à la recherche d’une coach en or, positive , expérimentée et dotée d’une incroyable empathie … Ne cherchez plus vous êtes sur la bonne page !!! Nadja se fera une joie et un immense plaisir de vous aider à débloquer votre potentiel!

Najwa Hdoubane, Talent Management Assistant at NATO, June 2019

I met Nadja on a yoga retreat in Italy this summer and we hit it off right away.  Her warm, inviting energy drew me to her right away and I felt like we had known each other for a long time.  We  then had a powerful  session of me visualizing my dream, with Nadja standing beside me.   I intend to keep working with Nadja and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking clarity personally or professionally.

Caroldean Jude, Yoga Teacher at Shift Power Yoga in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, July 2019

Can’t recommend Nadja enough. She’s a wonderful person and someone you immediately feel comfortable with. No judgement, just a lot of empathy and the ability to recognise your potential from the very beginning. No matter your background, I’m sure you will greatly benefit from her coaching. Go for it!

Norma Rose, Consultant European Commission, July 2019

Nadja is an enthusiastic, prepared, inspiring woman. She’s able to open your mind to new visions and perspectives. I recommend her training 100%.

Eleonora del Vecchio, The Brussels Binder, 13 March 2020

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