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What is EQ (Emotional Intelligence)?

Feelings of anxiety, stress and depression can be overwhelming when trying to balance your life.

Competing demands, continuous pressure and never ending deadlines. Prioritizing and boundaries setting seem like mission impossible.

There is so much uncertainty and so much unknown which you don’t control. The only thing you control is how you think and behave when feelings of sadness, guilt, exhaustion, depletion, anger, fear, anxiety and stress are triggered.

The concept of emotional intelligence has brought new depth to understanding human intelligence; it enhanced the ability to evaluate one’s general or overall intelligence. Not unlike cognitive intelligence, however, emotional intelligence has been difficult to define.

Emotional intelligence addresses the emotional, personal, social, and survival dimensions of intelligence, which are often more important for daily functioning than the more traditional cognitive aspects of intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is concerned with understanding oneself and others, relating to people, and adapting to and coping with the immediate surroundings to be more successful in dealing with environmental demands. Emotional intelligence is tactical (immediate functioning), while cognitive intelligence is strategic (long-term capacity).

Emotional intelligence helps to predict success because it reflects how a person applies knowledge to the immediate situation. In a way, to measure emotional intelligence is to measure one’s “common sense” and ability to get along in the world.

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Katarina Andabak

Humanitarian Affairs Advisor , Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

"She is super engaged, innovative, flexible and most of all connected to me during our sessions. Amazing energy and inspiration!! You are changing people’s lives, mine for sure."

Zlatimira Colova

European Parliament

"I truly recommend any training that Nadja offers as she really customizes, adapts to individual needs and creates a tailor made personalized experience that engages on a soul level."

Elizabeth van den Bergh

Intl. Speaker Coach/Entrepreneurs and Executives to speak with confidence & impact

"To work with her on visualising my future last week has really given me extra clarity and focus. I feel energised. We did the visualisation online and that works just fine. I strongly belief in the power of visualisation and definitely recommend Nadja El Fertasi!"

Marianna Tzaerli

"Her enthusiasm, expertise and kindness are just some of the qualities she brings to her method and manages to create such a safe and fun environment for participants. The exercise we did helped me put into perspective a lot of things in my life. I can’t thank her enough, and can’t recommend her enough!"

Eleonora del Vecchio

The Brussels Binder

"Nadja is an enthusiastic, prepared, inspiring woman. She’s able to open your mind to new visions and perspectives. I recommend her training 100%."

Sandra Melone

Chairwoman, Board of Directors, Search for Common Ground Belgium

"You have a gift for enabling people to dive into their internal barriers, throw them open, and permit powerful self-worth to rise to where it serves them well, with caring, meditative & soothing freshness. Thank you."

Andreja Sulim de Zwarte

International research funding advisor

"She was very involved and could react promptly to ‘my story’, highlighting different elements and situations I need to bring more attention to. Even though it was an online session, she manages to connect to you deeply . Nadja was also very careful not to push too much, when the emotions are high. She managed to guide the whole session with care, love and kindness."

Cecile Masson

Author, Advisor, mBraining Trainer & Coach

"The visualisation Nadja is proposing is powerful and embedded in a greater field of caring attention. She respectfully considers the person’s personal needs and takes her time to really connect to the client. The online session felt like if I was with Nadja in person, that’s how powerful and pleasant her energy is."

Jessica Pennetier

Co-Founder & Head of Communications at Women In International Security (WIIS)

"Throughout my 6-month journey with Nadja, I have learnt a huge amount: what my inner strengths are, how to feel empowered and how to change my perspective on life and its little hiccups! Nadja has huge potential and an inner gift to sense and understand people’s emotions and strengths. I cannot recommend her enough."


World Traveller and Change Agent

"Nadja is a wonderful open minded woman. It is inspiring to be around her and to see how she uses her powers / strengths to help other people. I felt immediately comfortable with her. She really gets you and she helped me to see my strengths. She is passionate, she is an empath, she is a Power Woman! I definitely can recommend a session with Nadja!!"

Nathaniel Prince

Founder of Profound Shifts

"Nadja is one of the few people I know who’s mission and actions are aligned. She has so much to teach and share and getting the opportunity to learn or be coached by her is a gift."

Maria Agnese Arban

European Parliament

"A brilliant and passionate coach. She will help you to discover what you already have inside yourself. A true empath and an amazing human being! She is definitely born to do this!"

Norma Rose

International PR Consultant

"Can’t recommend Nadja enough. She’s a wonderful person and someone you immediately feel comfortable with. No judgement, just a lot of empathy and the ability to recognise your potential from the very beginning. No matter your background, I’m sure you will greatly benefit from her coaching."

Ivana Malarić

Project Management at NATO

"It does make a difference. Nadja is a powerhouse of experience and made me achieving professional successes and re-discovering my work - life balance again. She has amazing coaching skills and encourages you to get over those uncomfortable moments of failure. I totally recommend you to call her, and give it a go. Be brave - do it!"

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