Growing up I was allergic to classical music or any music which excluded The New Kids on the Block or Take That; I just loved the boy bands! Yes, self-confidence is also about embracing your past no matter how embarrassing.

This blog is not about boy bands though, but about unlocking your real potential. As I sit here writing this blog, I am listening to Lady Labyrinth by Ludovico Einaudi. I have no idea who he is, but it is classical music.

Classical music helps you focus and unleash your creative potential which is unlimited if we immerse in the sounds of music without lyrics.

Different tricks and tips work for different personalities, so find what works for you and unleash your true potential; Ludovico or Mozart may be just what you need!

In my first blog, I wrote about the comparison with others, the aftermath of small talk, and becoming your CEO. In part two I wrote about surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up, how to overcome your fear of speaking and how knowledge truly is power. Today, Ludovico inspired me to write about gratitude, the importance of letting go and why you should be full of yourself.

Ludovico and I hope this resonates with you and you enjoy the read!


Last week I watched this powerful brief video of a Google executive who spoke about an algorithm for happiness. It was the usual pep talk at the beginning, but when he mentioned how he chooses to focus on the positive things in life and to be grateful for what he still had after losing his son during a family vacation…my heart skipped a bit.

In a digital era where fast-paced technology and societal conditions put so much pressure on people to find happiness elsewhere, based on external expectations and factors, it is a serious issue and a leading cause of worldwide depression.

If you always look at what is missing in your life, you will still feel and attract more emptiness and perpetuate wanting more. But when you are grateful for all the things you have, you attract abundance. The internet and bookstore are full of examples why this is true.

If I look at my life, whenever I was grateful and whenever I changed my attitude in a situation I had no control over…the situation changed because of my perspective. Controlling our internal narrative and observing our thoughts as passing clouds are essential in fuelling your self-confidence, awareness of ourselves and others. The mind is a dominant part of our existence, and once we understand its influence on our everyday choices, the world is yours.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right. Henry Ford

Letting go

Whenever I utter these words I can’t help but think about the movie Frozen, but don’t worry I won’t quote Princess Elsa! The reason why we are disappointed in life is that we attach importance to outcomes. We invest so much of our energy, our thinking, sweat, and blood for a specific desired outcome. When the outcome is different than what we expect; or when there is no outcome at all…we ruminate, cry, are frustrated and so on.

What if we let go of attachment to our expectations? What if you put in the work, you follow your plan and when you have done all that you can…let go and move on.

Live with the flow of life and let life guide you.

If you think I am becoming a spiritual guru, which would require a lifetime of yoga retreats, by the way, just look back at your own life experience. What happened when you force things to happen, even if the universe was telling you otherwise? What happened when you let go and let life flow?

When I applied to go to the University of Cambridge and when I was nominated for my recent fellowship with the German Marshall Fund, I did not attach importance to the outcome. I wanted it more than anything, I put in the work and I prepared as best as I could and then I let go. Because the rest I could not control and I knew life goes on and everything in life happens for reason.

Failures are just a redirection to the path you are supposed to take in life. What is supposed to come on my path, will come. 

49632503 - beautiful snow queen reading a book

Full of yourself is a good thing.

Last year I watched an interview with Oprah on career advice and life lessons at Stanford Graduate school for Business. I recommend you watch it regardless if you are a fan or not; she had some life-changing advice for me at least!

One of the things she said that stuck with me since then is that she takes it as a compliment when people think she is so full of herself. Because only when she is so full of herself, and only when her cup is in overflow can she help and inspire others.

And she has touched many lives around the world and still does. So I started to focus on keeping my cup full. On those days where I struggle, I fill it up the next day as every day we are blessed to press reset. Most women in general love to hide and being on the sidelines because it feels comfortable (some men as well even if it is a rare phenomenon – sorry guys!).

It is perhaps in line with their life lessons and experience. And is likely the case when working with peacocks. And because society still frowns upon women who are assertive, speak their mind and are their own most prominent advocate. Here is the thing: having people advocate for you and support you is essential in life.

But to stop acting like a victim and becoming your CEO or queen in life is what will unleash your real potential. No one will sell your value proposition to the world better than you. And when you add a dose of humility and self-awareness, you will be a fine CEO, queen or king; or both!

That’s why in my next blog I will write about the importance of humility, self-awareness and how to focus on your strengths. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for part 4!


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