How many of you wish you had a few more hours in a day to finish your to-do list at work or home? A to-do list that keeps piling up with stuff that is urgent, but not essential. A list that seems never ending! Worse, you rarely find the time to do those things that matter to you. If only time was on your side…

What if your time is not the issue but how you manage your energy is?

Some of you may have an aha moment while others may think what the hell is she talking about? I knew she was becoming a spiritual junkie!! Again, this would take a lifetime of yoga retreats, but think about it for a second.

When you immerse in activities you love, can you not go on endlessly? Does it not feel like you are unstoppable? Many people keep asking me how in God’s name do I find time to have a full-time job, be a mother and do all these blogs and videos?

Spending time with my son and inspiring others by being creative, developing videos and writing blogs has become a real passion and I find myself unstoppable.

Even when I am exhausted, I am still thinking — who’s next for my videos? What’s next for my blogs? And when you are talented at something, it comes naturally.

Some people are astounded when I tell them that it took me five minutes to prepare the questions for the interview with NATO’s Strategic Commander, including typing the email. And I only did this because his Public Affairs Officer asked me to; otherwise, I always improvise on the spot. It takes me an average of 30 minutes to write my blogs without editing time.

Now I spend time improving and taking my talent to the next level, every day! Yes, I am bragging so you too can find and unlock your talent and hone it!

The million dollars question remains how do you manage a full-time job, a family and do what you love? Self-awareness and learning how to tap and use your energy sources to manage yourself will go a long way.

Here are my own five tips to start with:

1. Positive versus negative energy

Recognise what triggers your positive and your negative energy by turning inwards. Deep? By tuning into your emotional early-warning indicators, you will learn which situations and people make you feel energized and those that drain you. Then it is your choice to set boundaries and have a zero-tolerance policy for everything that consumes you. Or at least ensure minimal damage to your positive energy levels.

2. Experiment, Experiment and Experiment

Loving your work is the slogan of the 21st Century. Do what you love, follow your passion, do what makes you happy are all very true but often have abstract meanings for many, especially the younger generations. Because how should they know what they love? How do they know what their endless energy source is?

Simple; experience. How do you know if you like chocolate cake? You taste it. Life and work have the same principle.

You do it, take on the full experience and find out what drives you and what makes you cringe. Develop your early-warning indicators to recognize positive versus negative energy.

3. Focus on what works

The other evening we had a Women In International Security Steering Committee team building evening and did an “appreciative inquiry” coaching session with the amazing Taaka. In a nutshell, this model teaches you to look for what works instead of what does not. 

It allows you to use your energy to build the new, take forward what works and let go of energy that is holding you and others back. Eye-opening evening for me!

4. Seek out positive energy

If you surround yourself with toxic people, emotional manipulators or vampires, or just people who make their living revolve around complaint and negativity; you will be sucked into a vicious never ending circle. Wish them well, let go and leave by having a zero-tolerance policy for negative energy from others.

Instead, surround yourself with people who have perpetuating energy levels and inspire you to unlock your energy source. There are many out there, and once you cut yourself from the negative circle, they will pop up in your life when you expect it the least.

5. The progress principle

Mel Robbins explains the progress principle in this video and how focusing on one thing a day that matters to you will yield progress in your life and help unlock your true potential. We get drained by feelings of guilt, imperfection, and pressure we often put on ourselves.

If we make a decision at the outset of the day that you will do one thing that matters to you the most, and everything else takes a backseat for the next time, you will feel fulfilled and proud at the end of the day. You will feel the positive energy that will fuel you to do the same the next day, and the next and the days after next.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more inspiring and motivational blogs & videos on

And always remember, authenticity in a digital age is golden currency. Sharing is caring and can even be life-changing for many without you knowing it!


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