Attention. We all seek it, always in one way or another. Even those that deny it. Attention gives us a sense of belonging. Recognition from others will validate our reason for existing.

How sad is that? How sad is it that many walk around on this planet thinking they need to justify their existence when their birthright is all they need.

As a baby, a tiny innocent little human being, no one is questioning your right to exist. All babies get cared for, some with overflow in love others less so. One thing they all have in common is they do not need to justify their existence.

Growing up we develop underlying beliefs which will dictate most if not of all our thoughts for decades to come.

Beliefs like:

  • I am not worthy of love so I have to love others as much as I can for them to see me.
  • I am not good enough so I compare myself with others and will continue to beat myself up until I reach their standards.
  • I am not perfect, my body is disgusting and who would want to be with me if I do not want to be with me?
  • I will never be enough, only if they think I am enough. Only then will I shine.
  • If I work hard enough, they will start to notice my worth, and they will realize how lucky they are to have me.

The list can be long and go on forever. How do you start changing this narrative? Yes, you heard me correctly — start changing your story.

Because this narrative of negative beliefs ingrained in your mind can be changed.

For some, it will take some time. For others, they are in it for a rough and bumpy road with many setbacks.

For all, it will be a journey with deliberate effort every single day. Intentional efforts to change your subconscious narrative and create your own reality.

Mental health is still a taboo yet affects many, some to extreme degrees and others less so. Some of the most influential people you know may be suffering to levels you could never have imagined until it is too late. Some need to know they are not alone.

My intention is to publish a story each week that dives deeper into underlying beliefs that perpetuate negative energy and holds people back.

Some may not resonate but others might. As we must help each other even when we are complete strangers to one another.

The wound is the place where the light enters you (Rumi)

Stay tuned for future stories and discover your worth and embark on a journey which will set you free.

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And always remember, authenticity in a digital age is golden currency. Sharing is caring and can even be life-changing for many without you knowing it!


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