Smiling, smiling is what she does best. She seems to have it all. Some envy her creativity, intelligence, passion and drive for life. Everything seems to come naturally to her. She never stops. And that smile, always smiling.

Her pain is for no one to see. Her suffering is for her alone. Her soul is bleeding yet no one knows, only God. God is the only one by her side, always and forever.

Hiding her darkness from others has weighed in on her health. No one knows, and yet she keeps hiding. She feels she has no option.

The divorce is about to be final, yet she is having doubts. She cannot have doubts as the verdict is final and there is no turning back. Things will get better eventually she tells herself.

Her light comes from her son, God’s gift and blessing in her life. Youthful bliss and perpetuating energy who continues to shed light on her darkness. Darkness no one knows.

Hiding is her only option as acknowledging her pain and suffering will result in a breakdown. A breakdown she can’t afford.

Writing is the only way to share her darkness and her story. Through writing her soul speaks and breaths.

Impermanence is what is getting her through the darkness. This too shall end, and a new chapter is about to start. A new episode of excitement and adventure, yet she is worried about her health. No one knows, but she.

Hiding for the moment seems like her only option until she can hide no more. Slowly, she is starting to open up her soul for light to come in as she realizes she is not alone.

She realizes that abundance and gratitude are in overflow and decides to focus on just that. Perspectives start to shift, and experiences begin to be more joyful. Her mind no longer prevails, but her heart comes forward and opens up.

Abundance and gratitude are her saviors for life with all its hardships and beauty, never gives the soul more than it can handle.

She knows now she is not alone. She knows now that her suffering and darkness are temporary and are preparing her for greatness. A greatness which was in her all along.

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