In times of anxiety, your exhale will calm the volatile winds of your soul.

In times of anger, your exhale will slow down the blood flow in your veins allowing them to breathe.

In times of failure, your exhale will pick you up and guide you on your path with more wisdom.

In times of darkness, your exhale will ground you in the here and now.

In times of sadness, your exhale will remind you of your blessings in life.

In times of illness, your exhale gives you hope for as long as you are breathing you are alive and you will survive.

In times of hardships and endurance, your exhale will unleash your adrenaline in every cell throughout your body.

In times of success, your exhale will allow you to take in the joy and gratitude without arrogance.

In times of joy, your exhale will allow you to be in the present moment and taste the true beauty of life.

Never underestimate the power of your breath, as it is your breath that keeps you alive and stable throughout the tsunamis of life.

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