I will let you in a little secret which will get you started off like a launching rocket. Ok, perhaps it is not a secret but is still crucial to get you going. Are you ready? Sure?

Get out of your head and into action. That simple.

Nothing profound, ambiguous or spiritual about it. It is cozy in our heads, comfortable. We don’t know any better than just to stay in our head reviving past scenarios from multiple angles and anticipating future ones from even more angles.

Some of us could also help develop some of the most complex algorithms and beat the hell out of Artificial Intelligence, I’ll tell you!

I will share 5 truths why you should get out of your head.

First I will start with how www.inspireshareact.com was born by getting out of my head and which ultimately led to my decision to break free from the golden handcuffs.

How it all started

It was beginning of September when I finally recorded the ever first #Letsgetreal video with my iPad and my colleagues Miki and Diana. We had been talking for months about recording this video, and we always found excuses to postpone it.

That day I dragged my colleague Miki along who felt his contract was at stake if he had said no. My partner in crime Diana had a fever and was looking for ways to bail out. This is a situation where the Dutch Pitbull needed to prevail and where she did.

Our video got over 15000 views on LinkedIn and inspired many people both in NATO and beyond.

By getting out of my head and just doing it, like Nike says. Ready for my 5 truths? Hold on tight, here we go!

Truth number 1 — It is scarier in our head than in real life

Fear and worry paralyze some of the brightest and best talents among us. Fear of judgment, fear of failure, worry about what other people may think or say and so on. Isabelle Mercier explains in this funny and excellent TedTalk that over 90% of our worry is pointless and not warranted. Most of our worst-case scenarios never happen in real life, just in our mind.

Truth number 2 — Failing forward leads to success.

My first video was far from perfect. It was recorded with my iPad, we got the lighting wrong. Miki looked like he was being squeezed by Diana and me. And the sound was not optimal. Yet the message was so powerful, it still reached a broad audience and got us 15000 views in less than a week!

Micheal Jordan missed 9000 shots in his career, lost 300 games and says that is why he succeeds. He keeps on going and perfecting his game.

Don’t be afraid to fail, failure is a stepping stone towards something more significant. Only those who fail forward will ultimately progress in life and achieve success by their own standards.

And the more you fail, the more protection bumpers you will develop, so it does not hurt as much as the previous times.

Truth number 3 — Small minds talk about people, great minds talk about ideas

Yes, you read that correctly, and I probably hit a nerve as we all recognized a situation when our shadow- self got the best of us!

If you keep surrounding yourself with people who thrive on people’s misery, then you will be sucked into a vicious circle with no escape. If you seek people you aspire to be or whose energy fuels you into the skies, your greatness will grow beyond imagination.

Focus your energy on building yourself up without tearing others down. Aspire to take the higher road when others show signs of weakness and insecurity.

Truth number 4 — People project their own feelings onto you

This one is close to my heart because everything I achieved, I achieved despite people telling me I could not. At times their words were harsh and wounded me with a sharp knife. So the sheer pleasure of proving them wrong was priceless. Some examples:

Nadja, you are not allowed to engage with military flag officers. It is way above your level, and only higher grade men are strong enough to deal with the military. Imagine their faces when I interviewed NATO’s Strategic Commander for Transformation (twice), and the Commander for NATO Defence College.

Nadja, how did you get into the GMF Marshall Memorial Fellowship? Was everyone else hit by a bus and you are the only one left? These comments happened to be made by French individuals. Their faces when I told them that their current President was amongst the survivors not hit by a bus…priceless indeed!

Nadja, you don’t have the right grade to be accepted into the NATO’s Executive Development Programme. It just ain’t going to happen! I was the first ever staff member to be taken into the programme based on my qualities and achievements despite my grade.

The list can go on, and some examples are too horrific or out of place to share on my blog. But you get the gist of it:

 People who see you breaking glass ceilings over and over again, while they are stagnating in their own careers or life, will always try to hold you back. Don’t take crap from anyone who is not in the ring with you fighting to make a difference in this world, as Brene Brown says!

Truth number 5 — Believe, Believe, Believe

Some of you may think of R. Kelly’s song where he believes he can fly. Or perhaps that’s a generation nobody remembers these days!

Point being, those that succeed in pursuing their dreams are those who never ever stopped believing.

Your vision may be questioned or belittled many times by others. Yet your vision was given to you, not others. It is your job to communicate and drive your vision forward, so the world starts believing as well.

It is your job to never ever stop believing in yourself, no matter how hard or lonely it can get. Never!

Stories from the heart

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