A vision of greatness keeps popping up in my mind. Still, I feel lost in this world without you.

Dreams and ideas are in overflow, one after the other. Still, I miss my lifeline in this world.

Plans for future and opportunities are in abundance. Still, I feel weak without you next to me.

Determined to conquer the world, I broke free from my cage. A cage that was self-inflicted all along.

I had it all figured out, the here and now. The past and the future. Until you came along and spoke to me through the voice of another.

You opened up my mind and heart and forced me to listen to my most precious resource in life.

You forced me to acknowledge what I failed to see for so long.

Silent and stupefied by your presence in another body. You came down from heaven to save me from my own blindness.

Following my dreams and greatness is what you want more than anything in the world for me.

First, however, dear daughter, following your body and re-energizing is the most basic and fundamental step ahead.

As without it, my dear daughter, greatness will remain elusive.

Realise that mediocre is what is best for your now. Realise that mediocre is gold for you now.

As greatness comes in waves and alternates with mediocracy.

You are enough, just the way you are, in greatness and in mediocracy.

Love life through your body first my dear. As only then will you find true and lasting freedom on the other side.

Stories from the heart

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