You assure me of your deep friendship  every time you sense I am slipping away

You assure me you care every time I pull away

Friendship for you is me falling for your written words

I am in love but I am awake

I am in love but I know my worth and what I want

I want friendship through vivid moments and human touch

I want friendship through smiles, laughter and pure joy in real life beyond words

I want a friendship where I hold space for you and you for me, for whatever life throws at us.

I want a friendship that appreciates me for me and never lets time get in the way

I want friendship through sound and touch beyond the pen

I am doubtful you can offer me the friendship I want and deserve for my self

I am hopeful that by letting you go I open up for love and friendship in real life beyond the pen

Until the day you are able to offer friendship from the heart, I will keep my distance

And if you do let your heart speak I hope I will still be receptive as my heart has begun to close its doors

Doors which were wide open for so long yet you never dared to enter



Stories from the heart

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