Born without a cage, freedom prevailed.

As a child living to my fullest imagination kept me alive in moments of darkness.

Slowly the world around me collapsed as the harsh reality of not belonging kicked in.

Escape into my virtual reality of love and affection was the only window of light.

My inner critic was born and grew stronger by the day. Resiliency was unheard of.

Never enough and always trying to please so I can be loved.

Two different cultures fostered a distorted reality of what is. Prison perpetuated.

Inner critic mastering the mind and holding space for darkness. Inner child lost while desperately looking for light.

Loneliness in a world of suffering and hate triumphed for years to come.

Who am I? Who am I supposed to be? Who will save me? Who will love me?

The quest for answers was harsh, long and painful most of the times. Still, wisdom gave clarity along the way. Resiliency makes its way in the mind.

The quest is now coming to full circle as the answers were deeply rooted in my soul all along.

The battle between me, myself and I is coming to an end as balance and harmony triumph.

A new battle begins for balance and mindfulness to rule in a life full of distractions.

Distractions which are not worthy of the highest and purest expression of our soul and spirit.

The inner critic still present, mindfulness helps to remind who the real master is.

As only when we master the mind instead of being its slave, we will set ourselves free.

Free from judgment and hate. Free to hold space for courage, compassion, and love to triumph every single breath.

Let the battle for darkness end. Let the battle for light  begin. Let the battle be peacefull, compassionate and loving. May the battle for worthiness always conquer.

As only when we practice love for ourselves every step of the way will we experience the transformational power of accepting ourselves with all our imperfections in the here and now. Nohting more. Nothing less.

Enough, complete and whole. Worthy of love right now and right here.


Stories from the heart

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