Endless waste of energy in seeking unattainable perfection.

Desire and want in belonging to the masses and letting conformity rule.

A distorted kaleidoscope conditioned by needs and wants of society.

Close your eyes and feel your inner beauty projecting through your entire being.

Embrace your imperfections as a sign of pure beauty in a world of superficial.

Stretch marks are signs of resilience and wonder as you experienced the greatest gift of life.

Wrinkles are a symbol of wisdom for navigating life and helping others along the way.

Curves are cushions of love and tenderness in times of frost and darkness.

Body shape unique in the entire universe. So special and beautiful and yours alone.

Your smile as a beacon of hope to feel in a world hiding behind screens.

Inner spirit shines inviting pure joy and light throughout each tiny cell of your complete being.

Inner spirit serving as courage and bravery for others to embrace.

Your complete being reminds all around us of what profound connection feels like.

Profound connection through imperfection is what will save us in a world of shallowness.

Be proud and grateful of all your imperfections. As they are the true and unique beauty in this superficial age.



Stories from the heart

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