It has been six years since she departed and left you and your siblings in God’s hand.

It has been six years since you have been trying to find your footprint on this earth without her.

Shades of suffering and sorrow have hit you like the waves of the ocean. One at a time and overwhelming as ever.

You came into my life only a few years ago, and it took us some time to connect. Despite my outgoing appearance I rarely trust.

Knowing you and spending time in and with your presence, this is what I know to be true as she looks down on you from heaven.

She watches you shine bright like a diamond as only a real queen would shine.

She watches as you enter a union of struggle, admiration, respect, and love.

She watches you give birth to her granddaughter, a miracle she enjoys protecting from heaven.

She admires your love for your daughter as she now lives through the both of you.

She feels your struggles with your inner self and only wishes you could hear her whisper: you are greatness in your entire being.

She watches as you show love when others show hate; and when you show kindness when others show darkness. She could not be more proud of the woman you are today.

She watches with pure love and admiration, and she is always with you, every breath you take and through every whisper of life.

Your mother may have passed six years ago, but her love lives in you forever and always.



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