One year now since she officially decided to separate ways, and she feels free.

One year now, and the papers are on their way; closure is what she needed.

A radical and life-changing course is still unfolding; she is embracing uncertainty.

No more commitment nor responsibility; freedom triumphs as the bars of prison vanish.

Life awaits with all its beauty and hardships; she embraces, and she engages.

She feels desired and wanted once again by many, but only a few may experience.

No more guilt as freedom whispers her back to life from the inside out.

Freedom to choose and let go. Freedom to be with herself; a self which continues to astound.

No more prison through a commitment for now. Enjoying the freedom and enjoying the self prevails.

Life after divorce awaits her in all its glory and shades.

She is ready to let go and embrace the unknown without a cage. No judgment, no commitment just pure freedom.


Stories from the heart

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