You came into my life unexpectedly, yet you were sent by God.

After all the misery inflicted through lessons of life, God decided I needed light. And he sent you.

A heart of gold, you took care of me without hesitation. And yet we were only friends.

My heart did not open up immediately. It took us both some time. Months later we fell in love.

I was living in my mind and thus always expecting in the future. Never present with what we had. Never present to feel with my entire being the gift sent by God.

We entered a union, and I saw tears for the first time. Teardrops that marked my heart.

We received the greatest gift in life, our beautiful little Angel. Balancing radical change with new responsibilities got the best of us. We started to grow apart.

I lost my foundation, and I was lost deep and far in the oceans of life. I closed up and blamed all around me. Hiding was my only option. We grew further apart.

Years go by, and we live on the outside while we die inside. The only beacon of light keeping us alive is our little Angel.

Years go by, and finally, we find the courage to speak the unspeakable and feel the unfelt. We were no longer meant to be. Separate ways are the only future ahead of us.

Freedom and suffering continue as we try to make sense of a new reality. We have a choice to blame and shame, yet we both take the high road.

We both put our little Angel first as our love for him triumphs all.

A long and challenging journey behind us, pain and suffering start to fade, and we accept what is. We accept our new reality. And grace, hope and love prevails.

We are finally separating ways, but we will always be bonded through our little Angel.

Our paths are diverging in parallel. We may not be a couple, but a family we will always be.

I am grateful for the gift God sent me nine years ago, as you are the emblem of a sincere and kind man with a heart of gold.


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