What is beauty in the digital age ?

Beauty shines from the inside out.

Beauty is appreciating and nurturing your body for all the wonders it serves you.

Beauty is not the size of the external but the internal: your heart and your energy.

Beauty is the words you speak every day to the self and to others.

Beauty is the courage and bravery to wake up and face the world every single day.

Beauty is knowing who you are and loving that person so much so others know how to love you.

Beauty is letting go of what no longer serves you, without judgement just compassion.

Beauty is vulnerability and embracing the feminine energy in its fullest.

Beauty is caring for humanity and finding purpose in your existence beyond the superficial.

Beauty comes with birthright not with opinions. Beauty is unique and belongs to all.

No external voices need to confirm what you already are: a beautiful human being, just the way you are.

When you start believing, the universe around starts showing.

When you start believing, you will shine bright like a diamond.



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