Defining all by society’s standards will perpetuate judgement, guilt, misery, suffering and sacrifices we regret.

Defining all by society’s standards will leave you wondering and questioning all your choices.

Defining all by society’s standards will eat away at your authenticity; the mask prevails.

Defining all by society’s standards uses the lens of dichotomy, black and white, one or the other.

What if you define your own standard of having it all?

Define your all by focusing your energy instead of your time.

Define your all by doing what you love to the best of your ability.

Define your all by spending quality over quantity time with your loved ones.

Define your all with compassion instead of judgement; with love instead of hate; with joy instead of sadness; with the self instead of the others.

Define what works for you as if you are not living your authentic self, your loved ones will feel the darkness and suffer.

Live your life on your terms and be at peace with yourself. The outside world has no vote in your definition of having it all.


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