The emblem of beauty, wisdom and friendship is you.

Unprecedented professionalism, always perfecting your craft in service of your work.

Team spirit you hold high in all facets; all who had the privilege to work with you know that they are never alone.

Piercing intelligence and drive to deliver to the best of your ability.

Work hard, play hard is a mantra you swear by and led by example.

Your ability to diffuse tension and foster peace and calm leave even those high in the leadership chain ask for your presence.

An example you are to all around you, you are what a true professional and caring colleague means.

To me you are more than that, much more.

You are a friend first and foremost. You listen without judgment. You hold space without selfishness. You are there when we need you the most.

Now your time has come. Time for your family and time for you.

Time to unleash the spirit wherever, whenever and however you like.

This time is for you to recharge and connect with life and your loved ones, without limits.

You will be missed at the workplace and I look forward to many moments to come as true friends.

All the best of luck, joy and happiness in your new chapter of life, my friend.


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