By default we assume the world revolves around us, when it actually revolves around the sun.

We create suffering in the mind because of assumptions, judgement and expectations from others.

You will never fix or change people, only they can change themselves.

What you can do is be a pleasant, kind and good person for you. Build your solid foundation based on who you are and you will not be destabilized by external factors and momentary actions.

Get out of your mind and live in the reality. Appreciate your colleagues. Appreciate people. Appreciate life.

Recognize the impermanence of life and become conscious of your mortality. One million people go to bed every day and never wake up. When you do, look up and smile. Check on your loved ones and when they are still alive, smile. Every hour and every day.
(words by Sadhguru)

In the bigger picture, your legacy and how you impact the life of others will matter.

Be authentic in a digital age where many wear a mask.

Be pleasant as everyone has a story and your light may just be what they need in their lives.



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