Disconnecting with technology and connecting with life, day four

It has been a while since my last social media detox blog. I moved places, and we all know how draining that can be. So I took a break from blogging, but now I am back!

Last time I shared my reflections on poverty. Today I will share my vows after I witnessed modern slavery while on holidays with my son. When I think back, I still get goosebumps. Every evening we would take a cab to the main boulevard and my son would pick out a restaurant. So off we go to a nice one facing the waves of the sea and its sand on the shore.

Because I was not glued to my phone, I noticed all the people around me. Including this couple from the Middle East with their three young very energetic children. I also noticed a young girl with very dark skin and a veil. It was apparent she was the maid by the way the woman treated her.

She commanded her without even looking into her eyes. She was so young, perhaps 16 years old. She sat behind with their youngest child on her lap, the child glued to her iPad.

No food or drinks, even the waiter felt uncomfortable with the situation. Yet, no one spoke. When the woman left for the bathroom, the husband offered the young girl a sip from his water bottle. And as soon as the woman came back, the young girl sat alone at the table.

I could not take my eyes off her. I felt her pain, her sadness, her loneliness. Where did she belong? Where was her family? Who loved her? Who cared for her? I felt the suffering of her soul. Soon the family left, and the young girl faded into the background as she tagged along from behind.

My vows since then

I will always be grateful for my freedom in life. Always and forever. So many of us take our freedom for granted. We get to wake up, and our primary and basic needs are met. Still, we find so many reasons to complain and to be ungrateful.

I will always speak up for the less fortunate. We all have a voice, but not everyone speaks up. Not everyone has the courage nor the freedom to fight for what they deserve in life. Not everyone realizes that they are enough and complete, just by being themselves. Through my stories I want to reconnect humanity on a level beyond the superficial.

I will live while I am still alive. This young girl may never have the choice to live in freedom and peace. Perhaps one day she will find a family that treats her with dignity. We will never know. For now, she is alive on the outside and dead on the inside.

I will never settle for less than what my heart and soul desire. We often live to please others, to make others happy, to change others; so we feel loved and alive.

Love yourself first and foremost as only you have the key to your heart.

I ignore how this young girl ended up in this situation as I can just imagine the struggles of life she faced to end up as a modern slave. She does not have a choice for now to receive the love she so much deserves and needs, a love that is deep inside her core and locked away without a key. But many of us do so start loving yourself today from the inside out.

I will always be kind and pleasant, no matter what. I have dealt with jealousy, envy and hate all my life. I have become resilient and immune as I know that my foundation is kind, loving and authentic. No outside factors will destabilize me as I will always choose the higher road. A road which has always led to success. This family decides to be evil towards a helpless soul as they are oblivious to karma and how the universe works. You will receive what you put out there, always.

So in a world you can choose to be anything, be kind. Humanity needs it and so do you!

Stories from the heart
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