Her eyes are lost in darkness waiting for sunlight

Sunlight she has not seen in so long

At night sleep remains absent as the mind wonders

Wondering what life is outside her prison

Wondering how affection feels by loved ones

Wondering how life feels without abuse

Wondering how it feels to be loved

Morning comes, and reality kicks in

A reality where pure evil prevails

How can humanity be this far gone?

Dignity and pride are part of the past

Obedience and humiliation are part of the present

Day in day out she dies a little more

Day in day out she tries to survive

Day in day out she wonders where she belongs

Day in day out she dreams of a life like yours

Day in day out she loses herself into an illusion

Escaping reality in virtual snippets of life

Her suffering is for her alone as the world is oblivious

Alone she is. Hope for a brighter future is what keeps her alive

Humanity is far gone. Love may save her if she does not close her eyes once and for all

This poem is dedicated to all the women who are suffering from domestic violence and abuse. So many feel alone while the world is oblivious to their suffering. They are not alone. All of us can act by reaching out and holding space. Victims need to know they have a way out, always. Next time you suspect someone is a victim of abuse, reach out and let them know they are not alone. There is always an exit just around the corner. 

Stories from the heart

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