Today marks the day she left you in pain and emptiness.

Today marks that moment she passed, but you have been in pain ever since.

Not a single day passes without her memory popping up in your mind, body, and heart.

Not a single day passes without you being reminded of the darkness she left behind in your soul.

Losing her wiped away your foundation right beneath you, a tsunami multiplied by thousand.

Losing her made you question the purpose of life and everyday’s mundane reality.

Losing her without notice suffocated you over and over again.

Losing her also resulted in your rebirth, a beautiful and bright soul.

Ever since she left you and your mother, you have transformed in ways unimaginable.

You have become the woman you always wanted to be, free from guilt and expectations.

You have become the woman without a mask and one who speaks her truth no matter what. As you have experienced the true meaning of a fragile life.

You live in the here and now with your mother and your two beautiful angels.

She may have passed, but she lives within you and your mother. She shines through the both of you.

She shines bright like a diamond and is with you every step of the way.

Her body has left you, but her spirit is here, always and forever.

May she rest in peace, our beloved cousin and your angel, always and forever ingrained in your heart.


Poems from the heart

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