A bright soul marked by colors, joy, and eloquence.

A soul who carries her titles without arrogance.

A soul who connects at all levels without agendas.

A soul who serves as a beacon of light for others to follow in her footsteps.

She is a true role model for others on how to stay grounded despite the clutter.

She is a true role model for others on how to live with humility, grace, and kindness.

She is a true role model on how to connect with people’s hearts instead of their titles.

She inspired and touched many in her surroundings, and continues to touch their lives.

She lives entirely with her complete being, always focused on the mission with the outcome in mind.

She is not bothered with the superficial. Authentic and profound connections triumph.

Happy birthday bright and joyful soul! May you continue to inspire all around you like you have inspired me from the very first day we met.



Poems from the heart

Thank you for taking the time and reading my poems, poems written to inspire you. Your time means the world to me! Follow me on www.inspireshareact.com for your daily dose of authenticity in the digital age


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