Like the rising of the sun and its disappearance against the backdrop of the ocean, only to rise the next day again. That’s how I feel about you.

You have mesmerized me from the day our eyes crossed. Our connection is deep yet unexplainable.

I have built solid grounds which are now able to resist earthquakes, no matter how destructive they are. Resilience prevails.

When lost, I close my eyes and breath. I see life as fertile grounds. A new season begins as I plant new seeds each day.

For the seeds to reach their full potential, clearing out the weeds is an act of wisdom and courage.

Seasons went by, and I kept the weed. Seasons went by as I was not ready to let go.

Finally, this season the seeds will grow beyond imagination.

I am now ready to reap the harvest I have planted in my fertile grounds.

Stories from the heart

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