We lead from the mind when the heart is the true guide.

We lead from the outside when our lifeline is inside.

We lead by accident instead of  intent.

We lead from a place of fear instead of trust.

We lead from a place of judgment instead of compassion.

We lead from a place of control instead of faith.

True power comes when art and leadership blend as one.

True power comes when the self-exists with the ego in the background.

True power comes when others follow your path to greatness.

True power comes when others believe in the magic within themselves.

Some people walk in the room, and their soul speaks through their entire being.

Some people speak from the heart, and you connect without words.

Some people shine their energy onto you, so you too can transform mountains into beacons of hope, light, and peace.

Thank you Laurie for your presence, insights, and wisdom from the heart.

Thank you for teaching us leadership from the heart in fusion with art.



Follow Laurie and her team at THINKINC https://www.thinkincstrategy.com.



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