Happy birthday dear Teri!

Today marks another milestone of your incredible journey as a person, soul and spirit.

Today you celebrate an incredible journey of hardships and success, of loss and love, of sadness and joy.

A fighting spirit who never loses sight of what truly matters to her, nothing is out of reach no matter the distance.

Dedication, passion and love for what you do has driven you most of your life to share stories of those whose voices remain unheard.

Risks, sweat, blood, long nights and juggling many things at once, so we can experience the world news through your eyes and heart.

Thank you dear Teri for being a journalist  of unprecedented calibre; one who is committed beyond limits; one whose integrity remains the essence of your entire being.

Happy birthday my dear, I wish you to continue your path to greatness. Greatness we all enjoy and admire through your lens of the world.




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