Happy birthday general, dear Denis!

Today marks a day where you celebrate your life and your incredible journey as a military leader, un aviateur and as one of France and NATO’s patriot.

Throughout your journey, your love for the skies has transformed you in ways unimaginable from the very beginning.

Throughout your journey, your love for the men and women of l’armée de l’air and the entire armed forces, has always driven you to put their best interest first.

Your reputation as a humble yet extraordinary leader is not a coincidence; all who have worked with you are in alignment and remember the authentic leader you are known to be.

The day you lost nine of your airmen and women, the suffering of your soul was visible to all. As the Chief of Staff for the Air Force you gathered the courage to speak the unspeakable.

As a leader you remembered the sacrifices Mathieu, François, Nicolas, Marjorie, Régis, Gilles, Gildas, Thierry and Arnaud made for our freedom, our security and our peace.

Their memories are always ingrained in your heart and mind.  Let us never forget the sacrifices by all of the fallen soldiers for something bigger than themselves.

Let us always remember the sacrifices of military leaders in service of their country and the Alliance.

Happy birthday as you embark on new beginnings and you continue  to pursue your passion of transformation and innovation.

Happy birthday on behalf of all the men and women who have worked with you in making the world a better place.


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