Happy  birthday dear Adeline!

Today marks another year in your journey as a bright and joyful soul.

Today you celebrate your life on this earth, a life which has touched many people of that I am sure.

We met through work and I was deeply impressed by your professionalism and dedication to your country and to the Alliance.

You may have been behind the scenes all these years, but you are at the essence of military effectiveness.

Your dedication, focus, efforts , and pulling strings from all angles allowed others to fulfil their mission.

Your beautiful and resilient spirit made team work possible across all levels and organisations you served.

Resilient you are. A woman at the heart of a male environment, your inner strength and drive are without precedent.

Those who had the honour and immense pleasure to know you and work with you, reminisce with a smile.

Happy birthday dear Adeline! I wish you to continue your path to greatness. As you reach for the stars, know they are waiting for your grasp.


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