When we first met, you were distant but friendly.

Your sense of humor and realism caught my interest.

We were working in separate divisions, yet I always felt the pure energy when crossing you in the hallways.

Then we met at our children’s holiday camp, and I discovered you were a mother of three.

A mother of three very young and energetic souls. Still, your reputation as a true professional was irreproachable.

I wondered how does she do it all? Then we got a chance to work as part of one team, and I got to know you better.

I was going through a difficult moment with many storms in my horizon.

Without knowing my story or me yours, we connected, and I felt at peace when I spoke to you.

I was confused as although many think I am an open book, I am not.

I rarely connect, and with you, I could pour my heart out despite your busy workload.

Two different cultures, countries and backgrounds and yet we connect so quickly through the heart, soul, and mind.

A soul which is so pure at its essence and so bright from the inside out.

I can only thank the universe for bringing you on my path, as your presence has impacted me in ways you cannot imagine.

I thank the universe for being my colleague and for energizing our office with your innocence, light, and professionalism.

And most of all, with your wonderful sense of humor.

In a world where we take ourselves too seriously, you remind us why smiling and laughter is essential for being grounded in life.

A life which is fragile and precious, precious because we get to work and be with people like you.

Thank you, dear Rasa, your presence makes us all a better person.


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