All my life I held a distorted vision of love.

I loved from a place of insecurity and expectations.

I loved from a place with no foundation.

All my life I suffered in mind with ripple effects on body and soul.

Until I met you. You who came into my life for a reason.

I loved you from a place of fear and illusion as I was sculpting the perfect man in my mind.

We both suffered as a result, and we never saw through our masks.

The road to enlightenment has been filled with both sunny and rainy clouds. Only now clarity prevails.

Only now I learned to love you in serenity, a place that was unknown to me before.

Only now I love you without resentment from the past.

My love for you has unleashed the true woman I am today, and I continue to be.

My love for you is pure and genuine. Whatever path you choose, all I want for you is peace and harmony.

Thank you for all the lessons I learned as I am living life through a new lens of love.

Thank you for being there when I did not see you. I do now, straight from the heart.

Stories from the heart

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