His pupils dilate into a state of pure love and joy when he sees them.

Yet they are too occupied with the pressure on the self.

Connection through their touch is all he desires, feeling safe is what he needs now more than ever.

Yet they are too occupied with the chores of their mundane reality.

Moments of playfulness where his full being is merged with theirs is what makes him happy.

Still, their career always takes the upper hand as the urge to overachieve and compete are their only perceived choices.

When he does get a glimpse of the beings that gave him life, his beating heart expands into the universe. Love is born.

He grows up out of touch with his inner self as he was out of touch with theirs.

He grows up behind the screens of addiction as his reality is empty and lonely.

He grows up missing out on the essence of pure and unconditional love because society imposed.

He turns into a successful man who pursues career and status, a direct correlation with his self-worth and masculinity.

The unconscious mind models the same behaviors experienced as a little boy with his own family. Connections beyond the mask are rare, and history repeats itself.

Until he hits pure darkness and questions the sense of life. Awareness of the empty soul grows stronger.

Some survive and awaken to the light of life and start living their authentic selves without the mask.

Some believe their reality is faith and therefore they settle for less than their true potential in life.

Some struggle to survive in meeting their basic needs in life. And some even never experience true love and live in solitude.

Some succumb to the darkness and only rest in peace. Peace which was absent their whole life.

His parents filled with regrets of the moments missed, of unloved love and of the absent of touch.

Some are blessed with a second chance and finally connect their inner child with their offspring.

Others can only wish and pray they will meet again in heaven, far above the skies.

Whatever generation you are, as long as breath flows in and out, you can connect.

Connect at a level beyond screens of addiction, beyond the superficial and beyond the mask.

Connect while you are still alive, and love from the heart without conditions.

Humanity needs it. You need it.


Stories from the heart

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