Happy birthday dear Livi!

A little more than one year now since you left us for the Vikings in Norway.

I remember the day I joined our fantastic team. There you were in all your wild glory as a disruptive visual force, refusing to conform between suits and ties.

A creative mastermind responsible for innovation and routine at the same time. I saw immediately which one triggered the sparkle in your soul.

We worked closely together, and although I grew fond of the sound of the Hungarian language, the language itself remained mysterious to me.

Until you took us to your home country and we indulged in the beauty of Budapest while bonding as a team.

I had the pleasure to be around you and to learn from you. I went from a shy female professional to a woman who knows what she wants and who embraces all facets of herself: the passion, the wild, the shy and the confidence. You did that, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

One and a half year of laughter, hard work, light and deep conversations. Within you a wealth of wisdom and magnificence that only a few were allowed to experience. And I am honored to have been one of them.

One and a half year of working with you and you helped shape me into a better manager, a better woman who embraces her femininity, and a person who lives life to the fullest while staying true to herself. The source of inspiration was you.

It was a hard decision to leave us as we were a famous and brilliant team. However your passion is in innovation and creation, and Norway was the place for you to be.

Although we only speak now and then, know that when I think of you my friend, I reminisce and I am blessed to have experienced a friendship of a lifetime with you.

Happy birthday and keep disrupting the genius in you!


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