You joined our team on 15 January 2016 as a brand new intern.

I remember very well as you asked to enjoy a skiing break and I requested you start as soon as possible.

Without skipping a beat, you left everything behind and managed to show up on the day we asked.

I knew then I had chosen a raw diamond who I could count on in an environment where high pace is the norm.

Little did I know that we found a young man who is wise beyond his age, who is smart beyond his looks, and who is driven and committed beyond expectations.

I know working with me is like surfing the waves of the oceans, their intensity change frequently. Still, you always remain grounded on your surfboard.

Almost three years now that I have the pleasure in calling you my colleague, mentee and friend.

My work ethics are high, and my expectations are even higher.  I am rarely impressed by status, only by actions.

You have grown over the past three years into a professional young man who exceeds all our expectations.

Today, I am proud beyond words for choosing you to join our team on that day in January 2016.

Today, I am beyond impressed by the level of professionalism, maturity, commitment and drive you show every single day.

Today, I am just proud to be working with you and to be making a difference in our Agency and in NATO.

Thank you, Miki, for all that you have done and all that you do. Continue to grow into the man who will redefine horizons in diplomacy, policy and security of our Alliance.


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