Closed eyes while the heart is racing.

This large machine takes off high into the skies.

For the next 12 hours I will be locked in the clouds.

Breathing is what keeps me grounded. Like many I am sure, flashes of regrets in the future emerge one after the other.

Sudden realisation of my choices to break free from emotional and financial traps and embrace the world.

A smile appears and my lips expand. A deep sigh of appreciation for my awakening.

An awakening to the magnificence and beauty of the universe. 

An awakening to the endless opportunities life offers when we accept our reality.

An awakening when we live through our reality grounded and centered from within.

My smile continued to expand beyond my lips. Gratitude of all that I have.

I know that if the clouds fail to catch me if I drop, I had awakened. 

I felt life at it’s essence and for that I am forever grateful.

Here I am across the world in tropical paradise.

Here I am tasting of what awakening means as I embark on this new adventure.



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