You entered the breakfast area in our hotel, and your smile lit up the room.

We connected briefly in the beginning as I could feel your open and warm heart.

We bonded over dinner during our first night. I was inspired by your story on how the Peduli Anak Foundation came about, a family home for those who lost their voice and place in society.

You and your other half are running something magnificent. Something more significant than yourselves and in service of the greater good.

Your eyes glowing and your smile expanding when you speak about your children.

Children who felt they would never belong again.

Children who never thought love and affection would be possible.

Children who had hopes for a better future, a better present.

Children who were left out in the cold for reasons beyond their control.

These are now your children. You gave them a new story, a story where they can write their own script.

You gave them hope for a new ending, one of their own choosing.

You and your other half are the true emblems of purpose and meaning as you continue to build your legacy through all those who experienced your warmth and generosity.

The recent earthquake did not shake you off your feet. Resilient and determined as ever you continue to build and provide a better place for your children.

Through the spoken word, you inspired me to give back beyond the monetary value.

You inspired me to replace a holiday without meaning in a resort to a holiday where I empower these children to believe in themselves, to dream big, and to reach for the stars.

As every breathing human being on earth deserves to live in safety and be loved no matter their religion, their skin color, their past, their origins, their story.

Meeting you is one of the highlights of my stay in Bali.

Through you, I have hope that humanity will ultimately thrive in an age where purpose, meaning, and value will be the new norm.

Thank you for your presence and inspiration.

Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person, a better mother and for redefining family concepts in the digital age.


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