I stepped out of the car, my camera on my neck ready to shoot.

A wave of anxiety and nervousness rushed through my veins.

I was about to enter a school with children who are differently gifted than others.

Children who often are labeled as mentally disabled by society.

Children who often are misunderstood for something out of their control.

Children who see the world through a different map, a map that is unknown to most of us.

Growing up with a brother who was differently gifted, I was nervous to relive the past.

With my bear and swollen feet, I enter the school. I see, feel and hear sounds of pure laughter and joy all around me.

I see children who may look different, yet they are still innocent young souls who seek to be loved and who seek to belong.

Thanks to the founders and staff of Sjaki Tari Us, these children have a place where they feel like any other child growing up and going to school.

These children are given a safe haven to express themselves through their own map of the world without judgment or punishment.

These children are given an alternative life of inclusion instead of exclusion.

Thanks to Sjaki Tari Us, for their unconditional love and gifts, for their drive to live a life of meaning and purpose.

These little wonders now have hope for a better future.

Every child has a right to live and experience the world through their own map.

We as humanity must ensure that their inner child is free of fear and conflict.

As these young, pure and gifted souls are an inspiration for humanity to live life through the soul.


To learn more about Sjaki Tari Us and the inspirational work they do in making a difference in this world, check out their website www.sjakitarius.nl.

Stay tuned and continue to follow me on www.inspireshareact.com as I take you on my journey of personal growth, empowerment, and purpose in tropical paradise.



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