One week into my NLP Practitioner training in Bali, we start to tackle curing fast phobia. The beauty of doing this in Bali is that we all established a rapport with each other and connect very easily.  Whether you blame it on the tropical humidity, the sense of serenity or the zen attitude, it helps in practicing methodologies which prove to be life-changing for many!

So, our teacher who herself is a master in her art at all levels demonstrated how to cure a phobia for potential future clients. After the demo, it was our turn to help each other with overcoming our phobias.

Why Peter from Australia?

Without flinching, I pick Peter Cross from Australia. Now, if I have to describe Peter in a way that does him justice, I will need at least two or three blogs. In a nutshell though, he is one of the most fascinating, adventurous, and kindest person I have met.

He is also one who embraces all kinds of crawling animals and does not flinch nor fear them. Instead, he co-exists with them and some he even cares for. A guy from the land of down-under who swims with crocodiles! If anyone could help with overcoming my phobia of crawling creatures, it was Peter!

You should have seen the look on his face when he uttered the following words:

..but Nadja, mice are so sweet and tiny. How can you be scared of them?

I was terrified! Terrified of anything crawling that I can’t control. Including mice! On a scale to 10, my phobia was 9.

My level of fear went from 9 to 2! 

I followed my intuition when I picked Peter.  I knew that I would feel safe and secure during the exercise.  He exceeded my expectations.

After the phobia cure, I went from 9 on a scale of 10 to 2!

I am not kidding you, the days after were just so weird. Weird as I was no longer terrified to enter my room without scanning the complete surface a million times in case there were little crawling animals.

I no longer went into a state of anxiety when imagining a mouse running in front of me or any bug for that matter. In fact, I found a living cockroach in front of my door. The previous Nadja would have screamed, shut the door and waited for someone to come and save her. Now, I just gently removed it with my foot from my front door and went to saviour a smoothie fruit bowl in Alchemy for breakfast.

Thanks to Peter, I am just scared like most normal human beings who come in contact with little crawling creatures.

Good teaching matters!

Thanks to Nicole, the founder of Global NLP Training, she taught Peter and the rest of us how to help others in curing and overcoming their phobia.  Nicole is teaching us so many gifts that can only be learned in a profound way with someone of her mastery, personality and values.

For that, I know I speak on behalf of Peter, myself and all the other students when I say we are forever grateful.

Words from the heart 

Peter, this small dedication is for you. I know you will do great things and help many souls who will forever be transformed because of you.

When I first saw you walking into our villa, I perceived a salamander hanging from your ear. 

I soon realized it was a mask for when you ride your scooter. Still, I referred to you as the salamander man. You smiled and appreciated my sense of humor.

Soon we connected on a deeper level as we realized we had one major event in common, the recent loss of our loved one. 

I looked into your eyes, and I felt the love for your mother. I could see her in your eyes and how proud she is of the wonder she gave birth to. 

Proud of the man you always have been, the man you are today, and the man you always will be. 

We continued to connect on several occasions as you shared your adventures and your experiences over the past months across the globe. 

I have never experienced such authenticity, passion, weirdness, kindness, and free spirit like I did with you. 

I knew you would help me in ways beyond my imagination. And so you did. For that, I will be forever grateful. 

I wish you all the best on your path of freedom, passion, and purpose as you find your way back to the land of down under. 

I wish you the world as you help other souls in finding their purpose. As I am sure, you will light many souls around you and beyond.


Stay tuned and continue to follow me on as I take you on my journey of personal growth, empowerment, and purpose in tropical paradise.


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