I entered and our eyes crossed. I felt your love through your magnificent smile. A smile of a little Angel.

I felt your energy from across the room. Your world is different than mine, yet you are the one who touched my core with your smile.

You were born into this world 16 years ago, a little miracle to your parents.

Soon they realized your pace of growth was different than other children. Not less, but different.

Their love for you runs deep, so deep they want to offer you the world yet they are overwhelmed by their feelings for the unknown.

A safe haven where you can express yourself, and a place where you can learn through your senses is what they desire for you.

A place where you connect with others through your smile.  A place where you can live your potential with others and express yourself within your map of the world.

So they kept praying and wishing for a miracle to happen so their little Angel can grow and live her life to her fullest potential.

Their wish was granted, and a place for their little Angel is made possible by Sjaki-Tari-Us who offers inclusive education for all those who are differently gifted than the rest.

Differently gifted wonders whose innocence is a beacon of hope for humanity to connect beyond the superficial.

Dewa Ayu touched my heart through her smile, her heart, and her love. A beautiful experience rare in this digital age.

I wish her the world, and I will keep supporting her through Sjaki-Tari-Us and help ensure she can live her full potential in her safe haven with other differently gifted wonders.

We often donate to large international organisation so we can feel good about ourselves. When in reality, those organisations who needed the most get the least visibility.

Make a small difference in their lives through your gifts at  https://goo.gl/66NYCq, and their smile will forever touch your heart. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

These differently gifted wonders continue to shine bright because of your gifts.

Visit www.sjakitarius.nl and help them create a safe haven for differently gifted wonders who are our beacon of hope for humanity to prevail in the digital age.



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