Many of us pride ourselves with our IQ. That is if you have an above average and high; otherwise you are like many others who feel measured with standards that are not theirs to begin with.

Some even say that IQ is not what will save the world and that EQ is a much more realistic and predictable way to measure success in your life.

During our NLP course, the Global NLP Training organized the Hunger Games in Ubud Bali for us. Me, who watched both episodes of the movie, my jaw dropped, and my heart stopped beating. Until I was reassured that this was a city version and no one would actually try to kill each other. Good, now I can be excited!

We were split up in five groups, and I was part of the NLP Angels, five beautiful and intelligent women. I will write another blog on personality types as I discovered I was an Introvert, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving (INFP), with emphasis on the P (Perceiving). All the others were J (Judging). This meant three aimed for perfection and winning, and I aimed just going with the flow and enjoying the experience. If we win, hooray!

If not, I am ok with that too. The other three…nooopppp! 

Me:…EQ is not about perfection! The others..IT IS!!

The nice thing about this whole course and exercise though is that  I really stopped taking things personally.

Understanding that we all have our own map of the world, we all have our individual personality types which drive certain behaviors that have nothing do to with the other person.

In fact, two of my fellow NLP Angels who have the opposite personality types as me are the ones I connected with the most. Instead of seeing differences as weakness, it was our strength. We complemented each other’s strengths and were aware of our blind spots, our weakness.

The most enriching experience of the Hunger Games was meeting Nyoman Manik and her husband in Ubud. One of the tasks was to engage with the local culture and people, learn how to make an offering, invite someone to lunch and find out their hero’s journey. So we did, and it was one of the most beautiful moments of our stay in Ubud.

Nyoman and Wayan opened up their house, introduced us to their family and shared with us the hidden treasures of Bali.  She also shared their dreams to open up a cultural center in Bali where people across the globe come together and immerse in one of Indonesia’s diamond.

So we wrote her hero’s journey, a journey which she agreed to share with the world. A journey which connects humanity. As deep under the surface, our dreams and hope are the same across the globe. Hopes and dreams which have no geographical, cultural and national boundaries.

The day I met a diamond in Ubud, Bali

A little Angel was born three decades ago. The wonder your parents had been praying for finally arrived.

Little did they know an angel with healing power was put on earth.

As you grew into a little girl amazed by the wonders of life, you also experienced darkness.

Darkness which led to a mask invisible to the outside world.

You kept all inside so harmony and peace could prevail on the outside.

Until you met him, the man who would change your life forever. A man named Wayan.

Your love united, and Wayan Santi was created. Through Wayan Santi, you entered a union of life.

Life has not been easy for you as you continue to carry other souls within you.

Still, you choose to see & feel the light over darkness. You choose to heal and not to destroy.

Through union, your second wonder was born, Madde Annga.

Live continues, and you live life from its core.

Through your family, through your healing power, through the universe, you live life in peace and harmony.

Wayan and you dream of opening up your own cultural center in Bali.

A center where people across the globe reunite and learn about the hidden treasures of Bali.

There is no doubt in your mind that the universe is already in the working to make your dreams come true, and deliver them at your doorstep.

As an Angel you are. An Angel with pure love, kindness, authenticity, and authenticity who shines bright like a diamond.

A diamond rare in Bali who will shine through her cultural center and into the world.

Thank you Nyoman Manik for opening up your house and your heart to complete strangers. Your generosity and pure energy are forever ingrained in our mind as memories of the heart.


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