May you rest in peace my beloved

At peace to let go of the superficial suffering so you can rest in a place of pure light and love

You have been on this earth for almost nine decades

Nine decades where you have loved and lost, felt deep pain and pure joy

Where you gave birth to beautiful souls including my mother

Where you gave birth to a rose who you lost too early in life and who now awaits you in the skies of heaven

We are in pain because we were attached to your presence

You were the last pillar of a generation who are in paradise awaiting your arrival

We are relieved because you are finally at peace and with those you loved the most

You leave behind broken souls who will need time to grasp a reality without your presence

I know and feel you will never leave us as you will always be there in spirit, just like my beloved father

You will look after us from above and will protect us with power of the divine

For now, we close our eyes and say goodbye. Until soon my dear grandmother

May you rest in peace


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