She was born into this world as a perfect little miracle to her parents

With her divine eyes and her blissful smile, she mesmerized every soul who was in her presence

To her parents, to her family, and to the world she was enough, whole and complete

A soul sent from heaven, she was gifted with many talents invisible to the external world

Her imagination was limitless as she dreams of what could be in a world of darkness

Pure light shining in every corner to fight the evil and help those in despair

Her eternal flame keeps burning as she grows up in a world of societal conditions and entitlements

A world where the ego rules over the heart and mind of many souls who lost touch with their inner-self

She continues to be the voice of those less fortunate and those who fear to speak up

Her heart is bleeding for those in need as she continues to be a disruptive force for the good

Her purpose becomes clearer as she grows resilient from her sufferings and sees them as blessings in disguise

Her burden weighs heavy on her soul as she continues to wear a mask invisible to the outside world

She is tired of shapeshifting to the needs of those around her, those who expect and who demand

She is tired of beliefs that question her authenticity and values, every time she puts down her invisible mask

She is tired of being someone who was created from a place of illusion, so she could fit in a world which was never hers

She decides to put down her mask once and for all and live life aligned with her mind, body, and soul

She lets go with compassion and love as she continues on her awakening.

She knows it is ok to let go, to rest her body and mind so she can shine bright like a diamond once again

She feels her purpose at her core and lives life aligned to her values without feelings of guilt nor shame

She understands that those who are meant to stay on her path will do so with compassion and love

She understands that those who part ways will do so with compassion and love

She finally knows, understands and feels that her life is bigger than herself and is one that will inspire the world to live life without a mask


Stories from the heart

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