Happy birthday dear love of my life πŸ’“

Six years ago, you came after 36 hours of labor and through an unexpected route

So tiny and so angelic when I held you in my arms

The love I felt for you then was just the beginning of a love that is still hard to grasp in the mind

You amaze me every day with your beautiful and authentic self which you embrace to the fullest at such a young age

Your imagination has no boundaries and the sky is the limit for you; opportunities are in abundance

I look at you in awe as you are one of my greatest teacher of life

A child so pure and so truthful who enjoys life without confirming to societal conditions

A child whose light shines onto every soul who crosses his path, no matter their age or place in life

Beyond blessed and grateful for that child is mine

Happy Birthday my dear angel πŸ‘Ό


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