I love reading articles and blog posts and watching videos so I can learn new stuff. Learning and curiosity are essential for personal growth in my view! Lately, I have started to become frustrated, however, with some of the so-called-influencers and their one-size-fits-all approach.

Seriously, wherever you look you have viral bloggers endorsed by Forbes, Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, or who keep highlighting their 2M followers on social media and loads of other I-am-validated-by-big-names-so-you-can-trust-me-to-be-an-expert individuals. They all have the same message using different words and different show-off traits. Some of my favorite ones:

You will be happy once you build confidence and fire negative people in your life!”

Of course, other people are responsible for your happiness. And the world is full of mean, horrible people who set out to make you miserable! We live in a world where there is no such thing as good or bad people; instead there are joyful and miserable people depending on the time of their day or life.

You can be the juiciest peach on this planet, and there are still people who do not like to eat peaches.

Be okay with that. Be okay with the fact that people have different personalities, different preferences and see the world through a different lens. You alone have the power to control how you feel inside and if anyone is making you feel horrible, then you need to take back your power. Simple as that! Because some people you can’t fire from your life for reasons that are blood or work related!

Follow this 7-step approach and I guarantee you will lead a happy and fulfilled life!

Never mind the science which proves how the brain functions: when we set happiness as an end-state, no matter what approach we follow, we will never achieve happiness. If we continue to focus on what we don’t have, we are still not happy! Instead, if we teach people the practice of gratidude and to notice what they do have in their lives and be grateful for those things, they will change their mindset to one of happiness and joy. Yes, happiness and joy are a mindset, not an approach to achievement.

“Love yourself, and you will meet the man of your dreams!”

Really? I mean perhaps I don’t want to meet the man of my dreams because I live in the real world. And please do tell me: How do you love yourself enough? I am overflowing with self-love, but I am still waiting for Bradley Cooper’s clone to emerge and start pursuing me! Seriously, loving yourself is a different journey for different people depending upon where they are in their lives. Loving yourself when you just got dumped by your boyfriend of five years may be a tiny bit hard to do, no matter what anyone says!

“Write every day, consistently, and you will become a viral blogger!”

There may be some truth to this, but I am not inspired every single day. When I am uninspired, it does not work for me to sit in front of my laptop and force myself to write while staring at a blank screen. A healthy dose of procrastination helps me write some of my best blogs, because I am an introvert. And introverts need time to internalize and reflect before magic comes out of their fingers and onto their screens.

Okay, let’s cut the sarcasm

Humor is one of my top seven strengths as surveyed by Values in Action (VIA) Inventory of Strengths Institute on Character!So perhaps I am exaggerating a bit. However, I want to make the following point:

You are energy. We are all energy. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Science and physics have proven it. Focus your energy on building your unique self instead of wasting your energy on comparisons with others, on fixing your weaknesses and on adhering to societal needs and expectations of who you should be or become!

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to living a happy and prosperous life. The reason why many people are miserable or unfulfilled is that they are out of touch with who they are inside. They have no clue what their strengths and talents are.

Strengths are those capacities you already possess which energize you beyond your imagination. Strengths are those skills which come effortlessly and are so freaking natural to you.

Find and focus on your strengths

Often people are so caught up in their thoughts, and in other people’s opinions, they are oblivious to the GPS inside their heart and soul. Instead of listening to how-to advice and trying to do exactly the same, take what resonates with you and try it out. If it does not work or if it does not feel right no matter how many times you try, let it go and focus on finding your unique strengths. Because when you do, I guarantee you that not only will you feel more fulfilled and productive; you will enter a state of flow.

When you are in a state of flow, true happiness, joy, creativity, inspiration and all the amazing feelings of using your real and unique potential come to the surface. That should be your objective — spend time working on yourself by finding, focusing and honing your strengths.

Be unique in a world of masks and copycats by finding and sharing your voice in your own way — in a way that feels good to you, not to others. If you use your strengths to provide a message of value to make the world a better place, the world will become a better place and your unique life will be better!

Would you like to know how to discover your personality preferences and strengths so you can start crushing your goals and objectives in life? Stay tuned for my follow-on blog!

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