Smile oh smile …beautiful features on the outside as your lips expand

Smile oh smile …you keep appearing for no reason

Inside a cry for despair, no one sees or notices your inner pain

Inside you carry the healthy and the rotten…and the rotten keeps piling up

On the outside people keep dumping on you…and you keep taking in

No boundaries as the soul is weakened through the mind

Thoughts take you on a downward spiral only to hit rock bottom once again

Drowning in seas of emotions with uncontrollable waves splashing you down every time you rise

Tired of peoples shit, when are you becoming the captain of your ship?

Smile oh smile… please stop smiling and let the rotten be bygones

This is your ship, and you are the master of your destiny

Decide whether you want to sink your ship or navigate the storms of life and into the sunrise

Know its ok to navigate these storms with your crew by your side

The alternative is to drown deep into the darkest corners of the blue oceans of life

Smile oh smile…let the alternative not be an option this time around

Stories from the heart

Thank you for taking the time and reading my stories, stories written from the heart. Preventing mental illness and promoting overall wellbeing is at the heart of my passion project Wisdom, Experience and Emotions in the Digital Age.


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