Friday 15th of March, a day which is seemingly ordinary like any other Friday in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

A community of people wakes up to their sacred day of the week where they worship their version of the creator named Allah.

They purify and cleanse themselves with water, they dress as they get ready for their Friday prayers in a mosque which represents their place of safety and security.

They enter their holy place while they take their shoes off and walk towards the center of the mosque.

Friends, family, and strangers greeting each other and preparing for their afternoon prayer.

As they kneel and pray to their God, the lightning sound of thunder spread through the form of bullets, fired in all corners of their holy place.

Bullets shot from a place of hatred and fear, anger and judgment, grudge and blame and above all, mental illness.

Bullets piercing through young and old as they pray to their God for peace and serenity on their sacred day.

They pray with gratitude to have found a place where they are accepted, safe and free from conflict and death.

Their peace and serenity is tested by the dark side of humanity through a man who has no sense of self-awareness nor empathy.

A man who has lost connection with the essence of humanity or perhaps never had one in the first place.

A man who knows no better than to inflict pain as a remedy for his own internal suffering and mental chaos.

This is the dark side of humanity, a side that continues to spread across the globe and which is feeding on fear, hatred, judgement of the unknown.

Let us remember that at the core and across the globe, we are the same humanity trying to live our potential on this planet.

Let us come from a place of empowerment instead of blame.

Let us empower humanity to embrace people for who they are at their core beyond their appearance.

Let us stand together against hatred and fear; instead, let us shine our light and lead the way.

Let us pray for all those fallen victims in the name of terror and mental illness as no human being in their right mind would inflict such horror on to their fellow human beings.


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