I am far from being an intern age-wise, but boy did I enjoy my volunteering experience in Bali.

I spent two weeks with my son helping a school for children with special needs. A school which helps them with their personal growth into adulthood. These children may perhaps have a low IQ, but they do have different levels of advanced social awareness.

Often when one of our senses is underdeveloped, one other is highly developed. Spending time with these kids from all ages was precisely what I needed. I have so much love to give, and when in Belgium, I always feel that the only one on the recipient end is my son.

Indonesian Children in School

Now I had a whole school full of children and teachers with whom I could share my love, wisdom, and experience. I felt so alive every single moment spent in Sjaki-Tari-Us!

But what made my experience and stay even more memorable, safe, and secure? The help and support we received from BLS Internships.

Here are my top four reasons why you should pursue your internship in Bali and have the experience of your lifetime!

Worry less, enjoy more

When traveling across the world, worry is part of the package. Especially if it is for several months! An organization like BLS Internships comes in very handy as they help you with all the small details that can get you in big trouble if not taken care of. You know, VISA applications and all other immigration matters.

Your place to stay is also essential, especially if you want to feel like home at the end of an exciting day full of adventure. Thanks to Julian from BLS Internships we stayed in a fantastic homestay in the center of Ubud. The hosts went out of their way to help us with our every wish and desire! Ok, this may sound exaggerated, but the service was just superb! And as someone who has traveled quite a bit, I know excellent service when I see it.

Going the extra mile

During our stay, we could always count on Julian for help and support. My son had a nasty wound on his knee, which became quickly infected. He helped with finding a clinic and with all post-care treatments. We could call him even if it were not urgent. Having someone to count on when you are far, far away is a blessing. On top, Julian has spent many years in Bali, so his help is most valuable!

Wide range of intern programs

BLS Internships offers a wide range of intern programs from social responsibility to digital marketing to journalism. I volunteered as a digital marketer and was privileged to write stories from the heart for differently gifted children. I got to sit in class, eat Balinese food, meet many new and exciting people, and chat with the families!

Whichever program you choose, your personal growth is guaranteed! Julian does a fantastic job to help you with your job and give you honest and kind feedback. The feedback you will be grateful for as you develop your skillset to the next level in the heart of paradise!

Personal growth beyond your wildest dreams

Let’s talk about paradise. I mean, seriously, who gets to intern or volunteer in a place many people can only dream of?

A place where the hospitality and the kindness of locals makes you feel joyful and warm your heart. A place where you can make a difference in so many lives of little souls and yet enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

I spent many days next to the pool watching the rice fields while drinking my coconut juice! And you can even alternate rice fields with the beautiful beaches.

Man by the pool

My point is, an internship in Bali is so much more than an educational excursion. It is an immersion into local culture and beauty, into a completely different environment yet fascinating nonetheless. You learn so much in short amounts of times that you leave the island a different and evolved person.

Now, are you ready for an experience of a lifetime in the heart of paradise?

Check out BLS Internships and contact Julian to start your journey of educational growth and personal transformation!


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