Explaining to my six-year-old son that mommy has a different kind of work, one where she needs to work a lot so she can provide for him and her is far from easy.⁣

Having a stable and secure income allows perhaps for more flexibility and options, but it was no longer an option for me.⁣

I work more often now and I am on the go a lot.⁣

Still, I feel free and fulfilled. ⁣

I feel happy and serene.⁣

I feel capable of loving you with all my heart and of being fully present when I hold you in my arms.

Teach your children the essence of life instead of wearing masks. ⁣

Teach your children to be bold, brave and unique in a world of elusive standards.⁣

Teach your children to navigate their fears, hopes, and failures.⁣

Teach your children how to have a human experience in an age where humanity is at risk of fading away.⁣


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