Five weeks of travel across the globe 🌍 was an adventure of a lifetime I will repeat.⁣

Precisely because we only have one life and I wish to fill mine with many more adventures.⁣

For now, I came home to my little paradise I call my own.⁣

My home whose appearance is far from the latest design trends nor is it filled with material wealth.⁣

My home is filled with serene and peaceful energy I am blessed to call my sacred space. ⁣

My space where I feel whole and complete, abundant and healthy, beautiful and loved.⁣

Your home can be many places around the world, but that place where your soul comes alive is truly home. ⁣

Create your own little safe haven of paradise no matter where you live.⁣

A place you can come home to and feel surrounded whilst alone.⁣

A place where you take care of your mind, body, and soul as you allow your energy to flow in abundance.⁣

A place that is yours and yours alone.⁣

A place which is sacred where no one oversteps your boundaries.⁣

A place filled with self-love, self-care and self-awareness.⁣

A place you come home to before your next adventure.⁣

A place where nothing exists and everything is.⁣

When coming home feels like freedom flowing into every cell of your body, that is pure bliss my friends ❤️


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