An emotional powerhouse I am.⁣

I express what I feel at the deepest level of my soul.⁣

⁣My vulnerability may seem like a weakness for others.⁣

⁣In reality, it is one of my greatest strengths.⁣

⁣As vulnerability makes you human in an age of masks.⁣

⁣Vulnerability rips apart your deepest wounds so you can begin your healing.⁣

⁣Vulnerability connects you with others at a level beyond your wildest dreams.⁣

⁣Vulnerability is the essence of love.⁣

⁣Feeling vulnerable is beautiful and scary at the same time.⁣

⁣Vulnerability opens you up for rejection, pain and emotional disruption.⁣

⁣Vulnerability leaves you hanging in the cold wondering whether you are good enough or worthy of someone’s love.⁣

⁣Vulnerability fills the flooding rivers from your eyes with tears from your heart.⁣

⁣Vulnerability is messy.⁣

⁣Still, would you rather be vulnerable and feel alive ? ⁣

⁣Or do you prefer suppression of your feelings to a point of no return?⁣

⁣Understanding what it means to be human in the digital age will set you free to live life without a mask. ⁣

⁣Learn to feel all your emotions in your special and unique way.⁣

⁣Then let go and trust the universe has your back ❤️


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