A long way I have come and of that I am proud.⁣

Proud of all that I have overcome and conquered.⁣

Proud of always staying on my path of truth and integrity as I finally understand the magic of the universe.⁣

Proud of always believing in myself even when no one else did.⁣

Proud of all the people I have met in my life who helped me on my path to greatness.⁣

Proud of how I learned to navigate human ego filled with jealousy and envy. ⁣

Proud of how I always get up after I fall.⁣

Proud of the blood and sweat I put in everything I touch as my passion is aligned with my purpose.⁣

You may applaud me or envy me, either way – know that my only wish is for humanity to become human again and live life free from the mask. ⁣

My wish for you is to follow your burning flame deep inside of you and live your full potential.⁣

Only you can find out what you are capable of as greatness is already within you.⁣


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