We sit paralysed as we are trying to gather our courage and speak up.⁣

Our heartbeat triples while our blood pressure rises and turns into boiling veins.⁣

⁣Anxiety attacks around the corner as we try to silence the voice within.⁣

⁣We tell ourselves we are not good as them, we are not as articulate as them, we are not as confident as them.⁣

⁣Our cheeks on fire and our chest about to explode as we grab the 🎤 and speak up anyway.⁣

⁣We change the narrative and tell ourselves we ARE good enough, we DO deserve to be heard, we are WORTHY of being exactly where we are, and we CAN make a difference.⁣

⁣We turn feelings of anxiety and fear into excitement and passion.⁣

⁣We feel excited to share our wisdom with the world, wisdom which will help people live above their potential. ⁣

⁣Our heartbeat becomes normal as our blood pressure drops.⁣

⁣Our cheeks transform into their natural colour and our smile expands.⁣

⁣We navigated our stage fright and we spoke from our soul. ⁣

⁣A place so pure and innocent that even fear cannot survive.⁣

⁣Life is all about navigating our negative and positive emotions so we can overcome the uncomfortable emotions as we transform into our full potential. ⁣


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